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У нас вы можете скачать книгу canon pc1311 инструкция в fb2, txt, PDF, EPUB, doc, rtf, jar, djvu, lrf!

Страница 11 7 z Do not allow the equipment to come into con tact with, or become immersed in, water or other liquids. Страница 12 8 z Do not attempt to disassemb le, alter or apply h eat to the batteries. Страница 13 9 Cautions z Avoid using, pl acing or storing the eq uipment in places subjec t to strong sunl ight or high temper atures, s uch as the dashboard or trunk b oot of a car. Страница 18 14 Mode Dial Use the m ode dial to switch between the shooting modes.

Страница 19 15 Preparing t he Camera, Basic Functi ons Main Dial The main dial is used for selecting cert ain menus and for displaying images. Страница 20 16 Display Pa nel The display panel shows the camera settings, the remaining image capacity, movie shooting time, battery c harge and other information.

Страница 24 Chargi ng the Batte ry Pack conti nued 20 When using Battery P ack BPA or BP- , you can distinguish between the discharged battery pack and f ully charged battery pack by chang ing the direction of the battery c over Fig.

Страница 29 25 Preparing t he Camera, Basic Functi ons Attaching the Lens Hood When shooting backlit scenes without a fl ash with the lens set to a wide angle, you s hould attach the lens hood to prev ent light outside the scene from coming into the lens. Страница 32 28 Setting the Language Use this feature to select t he language used in the menus and messages. Страница 35 31 Preparing t he Camera, Basic Functi ons Turning on the camera without the start-up sound a nd image Press and hold the button, then turn on t he power.

Страница 43 39 Preparing t he Camera, Basic Functi ons About the Histog ram The histogram is a graph that allows you to judge the brightnes s of the recorded image. Страница 44 Using the Zoom Focal Le ngth conti nued 40 Zooming Rapi dly To zoom in or out rapidly, turn the mode lever to Shoo ting and hold it, then turn the zoom ring in either the zoom in or zoom out direction. Страница 46 Pressing th e Shutter Button con tinued 42 z If appe ars or t he AF frame dis plays i n yellow whi le you p ress halfway, you can still press fully t o take the sho t.

Страница 51 47 Preparing t he Camera, Basic Functi ons Self-timer Sets th e duration be fore the self-tim er releas es the shutt er once the shut ter button is pressed. Страница 53 49 Preparing t he Camera, Basic Functi ons z Set up M enu Print Order Sets th e images that w ill be printed on a dire ct p rint com pat ible prin ter or at a p hot o lab se rvice, the nu mber of copi es and other param ete rs.

Страница 55 51 Preparing t he Camera, Basic Functi ons z My Camera Menu You can select the theme, start-up image and sound, shut ter sound, operation sound and selftimer sound used on this camera. Страница 56 52 Resetting the Settings to De fault You can reset the menu and button operation settings to defaul t. Страница 57 53 Shooting — L etting the Camera Select Setting s Auto Mode In this mode, all you have to do is press the shutter button and let the camera do everything else.

Страница 60 Review ing an Imag e Right a fter Sho oting continued 56 Changing the Image Display Duration The length of time images are displayed af ter a photo has been taken can be changed anywhere from 2 seconds to 10 s econds or turned off. Страница 61 57 Shooting — L etting the Camera Select Setting s Changing the Resolution and Compression You can change the resolution and compression excluding movies settings to suit the purpose of the image you are about t o shoot.

Страница 62 Changi ng the Resoluti on and Com pressio n conti nued 58 z Movies c an be shot w ith the follow ing resoluti on. Страница 70 66 Portrait Mode Use this mode wh en you want the s ubject to appear sharp and the background to blur. Страница 71 67 Shooting — L etting the Camera Select Setting s Night Scene Mode Use this mode t o capture human subject s against the backdrop of an evening sky or night scene.

Страница 72 68 Shooting Panoramic Images Stitch Assi st Use this mode to shoot a series of overlapping f rames for merging stitching into a large panoramic image using a computer. Страница 76 Mov ie M ode c ontin ued 72 z You are recomme nded to use a CF ca rd that has been f ormatted in your camera to s hoot movies p.

Страница 77 73 Shooting — L etting the Camera Select Setting s Macro Mode Use the macro mode to shoot close-ups of subjects when the distance from the tip of the l ens to the subject is in the following range varies according to the zoom position: Страница 78 Macro Mode con tinue d 74 z In macro mode, t he co rrect image brig htness someti mes can not be obtained wit h flash phot ography.

Страница 79 75 Shooting — L etting the Camera Select Setting s Super Macro Mode Compared with normal Macro mode, you can get even closer to the subject and focus on the subject closer to the lens. Страница 80 Sup er M acro M ode co ntinue d 76 3 Shoot the ima ge. Страница 82 78 Digital Zoom With the combined opt ical and digital zoom funct ions, images can be zoomed as follows: Страница 83 79 Shooting — L etting the Camera Select Setting s Continuous Shooting Use this mode to shoot succes sive frames while the shutter button is fully pressed.

Страница 84 Conti nuous Shoo ting c ontin ued 80 Selecting a Continuous Shooting Mode z The interval be tween fr ames lengthe ns somewhat when t he internal memory bec omes full.

Страница 85 81 Shooting — Select ing Partic ular Effec ts Camera settings such as shutter speed and aperture value can be freely changed for shooting. Страница 86 Pr ogram AE c ontinu ed 82 Setting the Shutter Speed When you set the shutter speed in the shutter speed-priority AE mode, the camera automatically selects an aperture value to match the brightness.

Страница 87 83 Shooting — Select ing Partic ular Effec ts 2 Turn the main dial an d select a shutter s peed. Страница 88 Setting th e Shutter Sp eed con tinued 84 z See pa ge f or set tings that can be change d in this mod e.

Страница 89 85 Shooting — Select ing Partic ular Effec ts Setting the Aperture When you s et the aperture in t he aperture-priority AE m ode, the camera automatically selects a shutter speed to match the brightness. Страница 90 Setting th e Apertu re continued 86 z Depending on the zoom positi on, ce rtain apertu re value s may not be available.

Страница 91 87 Shooting — Select ing Partic ular Effec ts Manually Setting the S hutter Speed and Aperture You can manually set the shutter speed and aperture to achieve a particular effect.

Страница 92 Manuall y Setting th e Shutter S peed and Aperture continued 88 z See pa ge f or set tings that can be change d in this mod e. Страница 93 89 Shooting — Select ing Partic ular Effec ts Selecting an AF Frame The AF frame indicates the area of the composition on which the camera focuses and can be set manually to the desired area.

Страница 95 91 Shooting — Select ing Partic ular Effec ts 1 Press the button to select the metering mode. Страница 96 92 Adjusting the Exposure Adjust the exposure compensation setting to avoid making the subject too dark when it is backlit or s hot against a bright background. Страница 97 93 Shooting — Select ing Partic ular Effec ts Adjusting the Tone White Balance When the white balance mode is set t o match the light source, the camera reproduces colors more accurately.

Страница 98 Adju sti ng the Ton e Wh ite Bala nce conti nued 94 Setting a Custom White Balance You can set a cus tom white balance to obtain the optimal setting for the shooting conditions by having the camera evaluate a subject such as a white piece of paper or clot h, or a photo-quality gray c ard.

Страница 96 Changing the Photo Effect You can shoot with different photo ef fects. Страница 97 Shooting — Select ing Partic ular Effec ts In this sc reen, selec t the item you wis h to set u sing th e S or T arrow on th e omni selector an d set it usin g the W or X ar row on the omni sel ector.

Страница 99 Shooting — Select ing Partic ular Effec ts Changing the ISO S peed Raise the ISO s peed to prevent ca mera shake when shoot ing in dark places, when y ou want to shoot wit hout the flash or with a faster shutte r speed.

Страница Auto Exposure Brac keting AEB Mode In this mode, the camera automatically changes the exposure within a set range to take three shots after you press the shutter button once. Страница Shooting — Select ing Partic ular Effec ts 3 Expand or contract the range using the m ain dial or the W or X arrow on the omni se lector.

Страница Focus Brack eting Focus-BKT Mode You can shoot three images while the focus changes automatically when shooting with t he manual focus p. Страница Shooting — Select ing Partic ular Effec ts z The automatic ally select ed combinat ions of shut ter speeds and apertu re values can be fr eely changed without al tering the exposure wi th the following proc edure.

Страница Locking the Flash Exposure Se tting FE Lock You can obtain the correct exposure with flash photography regardless of the location of your subject in the composition.

Страница Shooting — Select ing Partic ular Effec ts Switching the Timing at w hich the Flas h Fires Mode Dia l 1st-cur tain The fl ash fire s right a fter the shutter opens, regardless of the shutter sp eed. Страница Shooting — Select ing Partic ular Effec ts 3 Press the T arrow on the omni selector, the n select the number of shots usi ng the W or X arrow on the omni selecto r.

Страница Shooting Problem Subjec ts for the Autofocu s The autofocus may not work w ell on the following types of sub jects. Страница Shooting — Select ing Partic ular Effec ts Using the Manual Focus in Combination with the Auto Focus The camera automatically searches f or a more suitable focus ing point from the current manually focused location.

Страница Switching between Focus Settings You can switch between focus settings to shoot. Страница Shooting — Select ing Partic ular Effec ts Settin g the Auto Rotat e Func tion This camera is equipped with an Intelligent O rientation sensor that detects the orientation of an image shot with the camera on end and automatically rotates it to the correct viewing or ientation in the display. Страница Resetting the File Numbe rs You can select the way file numbers are assigned. Страница Play back, Er asing Magnifying Images Images can be magnified up to approximately 10 times while i n single image playback.

Страница Viewing Movies You can play back movies shot in mode. Страница Editing Movies You can delete unwanted portions from the first or second half of a movie clip. Страница Play back, Er asing Attaching Sound Memos to Images In playback mode including single ima ge playback, index playback, magnified playback and the review immediately after shooting in Shooting mode you c an attach sound mem os up to 60 seconds to an image.

Страница Play back, Er asing Index Playback z Press the button to switc h to index play back 3 im ages. Страница Automa ted Playba ck Slide Show con tinued Adjusting the Play Time and Repea t Settings You can chan ge the play time for all the images in a show and have the show repe at itself continuously.

Страница Play back, Er asing Protecting Images You can prot ect important images from accidental erasure. Страница About Printing You can easily print images stored on the CF card by connecting t he camera to a direct print compatible pri nter with a cable and operating the camera buttons. Страница Print Order, Trans ferring Refer to the System Map supplied with y our cam era fo r dire ct print c ompati ble pri nter CP serie s or Bubble J et pr inter s informat ion.

Страница Print Order, Trans ferring z When the print type p. Страница Print Order, Trans ferring You can use the camera to specify settings for images before downloading to a computer. Страница Selecti ng Images for Transferrin g continued 3 Select imag es for transferring. Страница Connect ing Download images taken with the camera to a computer in one of the following ways: Страница Connect ing A video -compati ble televis ion conne cted via t he supplied A V cable AVC-DC30 0 can be used to view image s as you shoot or replay them.

Страница My Camera allows you to customize the start -up image and start-up, shutter, operation and self-timer sounds.

Страница Registering the My Came ra Settings Images recorded onto the CF card and newly recorded sounds can be added as My Camera settings to the [ ] and [ ] menu items. Страница My Camera Settings 5a Sel ect th e imag e you wish to register using th e W or X arrow or on the omni selector. Страница Appendix The following erro r and message codes may appear on the display panel.

Страница The following m essages may appear on the LCD monitor or in the viewfinder. Страница Appendix Cannot m agnify!: Страница Troubl eshooti ng conti nued Battery pack will not charge Poor con tact betwee n battery pa ck and batt ery charger z Clean the b attery terminals with a clean dr y cloth. Страница Appendix Subject i n recorded image is too dark Insufficient ligh t for shooting z Set the built- in flash to on.

Страница Troubl eshooti ng conti nued Subject i n recorded image is too bright Sub ject too c los e caus ing flash to be too bright z Adjust th e flash output with the flash exposure compensa tion function p. Страница Appendix White dots or white asterisks appea r on the i mage Light from the flash has reflected o ff dust par ticles or insect s in the air.

Страница Using t he Wirel ess Contro ller c ontinu ed z Playback appears on the display panel. Страница Appendix Using an Externally Mounted Flash Sold Separate ly You can make your flash photography even clearer and more natural appearing with the us e of a separately sold externally mounted flash.

Страница Appendix 4 Press the shu tter button halfway. Страница Appendix Mounting the Lenses 1 Turn off the ca mera.

Страница Appendix z The distanc e shown with the MF indi cator p. Страница Using a Compact Powe r Adapter Sold Separate ly You should use the separately sold Compact Power Adapter CA- when using the camera for long periods of continuous use or for connecting to a computer or printer.

Table of Contents Items marked with a are lists or charts that summarize camera functions or procedures. Handling Precautions Please Read Test Shots Before you try to photograph important subjects, we highly recommend that you shoot several trial images to confirm that the camera is operating and being operated correctly.

Please note that Canon Inc. Camera Body Temperature If your camera is used for prolonged periods, the camera body may become warm. Please be aware of this and take care when operating the camera for an extended period. This has no effect on the recorded image and does no. Doing so can damage your eyesight. Store this equipment out of the reach of children and infants. Accidental damage by a child could result in serious injury. It may be swallowed accidentally. If this occurs, contact a doctor immediately.

Do not attempt to disassemble or. Battery Do not place the batteries near a heat source or expose it to direct flame or heat. The batteries should not be immersed in water or sea water.

Do not attempt to disassemble, alter or apply heat to the batteries. Avoid dropping or subjecting the batteries to severe impacts that could damage the casing. Use only recommended batteries and accessories. Если у какого то из пользователей была похожая проблема с Canon PC со всей вероятностью он захочет поделиться методом ее решения.

Перейти на страницу of Производитель Canon Категория Digital Camera. Похожие инструкции обслуживания Canon PowerShot A У вас вопрос, касающийся Canon PC? Воспользуйтесь формуляром, находящимся ниже Если с помощью найденной инструкции Вы не решили свою проблему с Canon PC, задайте вопрос, заполнив следующий формуляр. Ваше имя Адрес e-mail Перепишите текст с картинки Новая картинка.

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